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Author: Liv


18 AUGUST – ILULISSAT, GREENLAND We woke up passing icebergs and have been kayaking in dream weather with groups for eight hours today in the most fantastic weather you could expect in this area. Disko Bay is the fjord that reach Greenland’s fourth largest town, Ilulissat (icebergs). Aptly

Northwest Passage – The Mother of Sea

I´ve spent the day walking around in the old and the new city. It is bigger than I had visualized. Buses, electric cars, big blocks, kids in the streets – I assume school starts next week. I spent two hours in the Greenland National Museum &

Northwest Passage. Nuuk = Godthåb

Nuuk – or Godthåb  We had a fantastic flight form Reykjavik over the icecap, mountains and fjords and will start our voyage through the Northwest passage August 16th from Nuuk. Great to finally put me feet on this place known as Godthåb when I was a kid. The

Northwest Passage

Getting prepared. In August – September I will travel through the Northwest Passage as a lecturer and kayak guide. I found this book by Michael Palin – former Mont Python stalwart – globetrotter and more. HMS Erebus was one of the great exploring ships, a veteran of

KonTiki2 – Easter Island – Peru

A new childhood is about to be realized. Six years old, I watch the documentary about the Konti-Tiki expedition with my father. Thor Heyerdahl has been an inspiration to all our educational projects. Now more than 50 years later I will be on the raft

BAE Access Water Ganges- Educational Expedition

OKTOBER - NOVEMBER 2015. Slideshare of the project here. More information on Please help us reach millions of students with water curriculum, help us travel along the Ganges river for two months, and help fund the documentary which will continue to tell the story and reach even

Bjørnsonfestivalen 28. august

Dragningen ut Liv Arnesen, Kjetil Østli og Arne Johan Vetlesen i samtale om det moderne mennesket og vårt forhold til natur og friluftsliv. Vi mennesker har levd mye lenger utendørs enn innendørs, og gjennom hundretusenvis av år som jegere og sankere utviklet vi en fysikk og et