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Lectures, workshops & coaching

Liv delivers lectures and workshops a based on her experience in solo and unsupported expeditions.

Liv Arnesen


Educator, Explorer, Lecturer

I was lucky enough to realize my childhood dream of skiing to the South Pole. There have been many expeditions following my solo trip to the South Pole. I quickly realized that all that happens in an expedition is happening in all organizations.
The importance of clear goals, what is the vision, what kind of competence do we need, what types of people do we need, communication, how to cope with resistance and more. In short, project management in practice.

Most lectures and courses I keep indoors, but feel the best result when the themes are combined with «walk-and-talk» where the company or team works not only for the walk-the-talk principle, but physical goes for a walk and discusses the wished issues. Research shows that a walk gives rise to more creative thinking.

Liv 6 years old with Kon Tiki raft

Projects & updates



    18 AUGUST – ILULISSAT, GREENLAND We woke up passing icebergs and have been kayaking in dream weather with groups for eight hours today in ...

  • Northwest Passage – The Mother of Sea

    I´ve spent the day walking around in the old and the new city. It is bigger than I had visualized. Buses, electric cars, big blocks, kids i...

  • Northwest Passage. Nuuk = Godthåb

    Nuuk – or Godthåb  We had a fantastic flight form Reykjavik over the icecap, mountains and fjords and will start our voyage through the...

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Expeditions & Adventures

I have worked with Ann Bancroft for approx. 20 years. We are both former teachers, and in 2000-01 we became the first women in the world to cross the Antarctic continent on skis. An amazing trip of 2765 km (1,717 miles). We used the expedition to market our curriculums; – An interdisciplinary about Antarctica and one called «Dare to Dream». We also have a curriculum called «Roads to Peace». Together we formed Bancroft Arnesen Explore so that we could share our dreams with millions of others.  In 2012, we launched our most ambitious project, BAE Access Water, with an expedition on Ganges. In order to anchor teaching programs internationally, we have invited one woman from every continent to participate. More information can be found on