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Author: Liv

Thor Heyerdahl 1914-2014

Thor Heyerdahl lecture at Glasgow Caledonia University January 28 I will as a board member of The Thor Heyerdahl Institute  lecture about Thor Heyerdahl as an inspirator and environmentalist. I have been following his expeditions and his work since I was six years old and watched the

Valencia and Madrid

In 2014 it will be 20 years since my Solo expedition to the South Pole. I reached the South Pole Christmas Eve. My best Christmas present ever! Now my book about the expedition "Good Girld do not Ski to the South Pole" will be published

EARCOS conference in SHANGHAI

buy inflatable swimming pools     I am honored tobuy zorb ball australia be invited as a key note speaker at the  11th annual EARCOS Teachers' Conference in Concordia International School Shanghai scheduled forwater slides for sale March 27 - 31. More info here.

Leder- og medarbeiderskap 2012

Bli med på spennende ekspedisjon på Oscarsborg 29. og 30. august. Møt Henrik Syse,  Bjørn Ekelund, Lise Aamundstad, Per. E. Haugen, Mia Skriver og Terje Skriver, Remi Stenersen og Geir Karlstad, Stein Diesen, Annika Rohde Fjeldstad, Ole Børud Band og SMIA-fasilitatorene: Rune Semundseth, Øyvind

Training in the mountains

The team for Ann and Liv's new project, Access Water, are currently visiting Norway for the purpose of training to Antarctic in November. You can follow our training trip through Facebook: