Solo to the South Pole
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Solo to the South Pole

Solo to the South Pole

One woman’s amazing feat, proving that everyone can make his – or her – dream come true

Everyone derives pleasure and use from some form of mental training. It has helped me enormously in a variety of circumstances.

Once you have mastered the art of mental training, tension and fears vanish, or are at least minimised, and the quality of life improves. So too does the ability to concentrate on what you want, or what you have to do. Everything can be done better, with less effort, in a state of relaxation.

I hope that this ski tour to the South Pole may prove to others, especially girls, that most things are possible, even when they venture into strange arenas. To fulfil a dream, it must be converted into a goal, so that one may start planning. Hard work then follows. Most ambitions can be realised, as long as your motives are strong enough – and genuine.


25. juni 2018